Electric Scooters Injuries Attorney: Bird Scooter Company Negligence Causes Road Accidents

With the arrival of summer in Southern California, electric scooters have taken over the streets. These nifty, convenient modes of transportation are now a common sight, with riders of all ages zipping through the city. However, the surge in electric scooter usage has also brought a surge in accidents and injuries. Elia Castranova, an attorney representing individuals injured by electric scooters, sheds light on a recent appellate court decision in California that could change the game when it comes to holding scooter companies accountable for negligence.

The Electric Scooter Phenomenon

Electric scooters have transformed the way we navigate cities, providing an eco-friendly and convenient alternative to traditional transportation. They're ideal for short commutes, last-mile connectivity, and leisurely rides around town. However, their growing popularity has also given rise to a slew of issues, particularly related to their use and disposal.

The Problem of Negligence

One significant problem with the electric scooter trend is the negligence of riders and the practices of the scooter companies themselves. While scooters offer numerous benefits, their reckless use, and haphazard disposal can lead to dangerous situations for pedestrians, cyclists, and even other motorists.

Elia Castranova has been at the forefront of representing individuals injured by scooters for several years. Until recently, these cases were challenging to pursue, primarily because scooter companies placed the entire responsibility for safe usage on the rider. Apps used for scooter rentals often contained terms and conditions that shifted the blame for accidents away from the companies and onto the riders themselves.

A Game-Changing Legal Case

However, a recent legal case involving the Bird scooter company is reshaping the landscape of scooter-related injuries. In this specific case, a pedestrian tripped over a scooter that was improperly placed on a sidewalk, causing significant injuries to her legs and back. Both Bird and the city of Los Angeles initially denied responsibility, arguing that the scooter user was at fault.

The case went through the legal process and was ultimately appealed. The appellate court made a crucial determination – Bird was not following its own rules and guidelines. The court found that Bird had an agreement with the city of Los Angeles that included responsibilities such as 24-hour availability to collect scooters when complaints were made, monitoring the usage of scooters between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., and picking up scooters left inappropriately every two hours. Bird was failing to adhere to these agreements.

A Turning Point for Electric Scooter Injuries

This legal decision is a turning point in the battle to hold electric scooter companies accountable for their negligence. It demonstrates that when companies like Bird are not following their own rules and guidelines, they can be found negligent, leading to potential legal action.

Attorney Elia Castranoa and his team are prepared to represent clients injured by electric scooters in a new light. With this legal precedent in hand, they are ready to investigate whether Bird and other scooter companies were negligent in monitoring scooter usage, collecting improperly placed scooters, and responding to complaints. If it is determined that their negligence contributed to the client's injuries, they will pursue legal action to hold the scooter companies accountable.

The Future of Scooter Safety

Electric scooters have become an integral part of urban mobility, but their benefits must be balanced with safety and responsibility. The recent legal decision sends a clear message that electric scooter companies must ensure the safety of their riders and those who share the road and sidewalks with them.

As the weather gets warmer and more people take to the streets on electric scooters, the hope is that companies like Bird will no longer escape responsibility for negligence. Attorney Eli Castranova is committed to making sure that clients injured by scooter-related incidents receive the compensation they deserve, and that scooter companies take their role in promoting safety seriously.

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