Personal injury attorney getting just compensation for people with spinal injuries

I am Elia Castranova, a personal injury attorney who represents people with spinal injuries and gets them the just compensation they deserve. Spinal injuries can be life-changing and it is important for individuals who have suffered from such an injury to have representation and support in order to get the just compensation they deserve. It is also important for companies and employers to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of their employees and customers to avoid spinal injuries. In this video, personal injury attorney Elia Castranova shares the story of one of his clients who suffered a life-changing spinal injury after being shot at a gas station. 

The gas station was found responsible for the injury due to the employee bringing a weapon onto the property and the employer failing to supervise him. With the help of a video crew, Elia Castranova was able to document and show the insurance company the struggles and challenges his client faced on a daily basis and ultimately secured a settlement of over a million dollars from the insurer. 

 Elia Castranova and his team have extensive experience handling cases involving partial or complete paralysis and know how to present them to insurance companies in order to get their clients the just compensation they deserve.

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DazzoPhoto *****

Elia is a class act. He's one of those people that you just instantly feel comfortable with.

Jackie Mazur *****

Mr Castranova went to trial on my case and was victorious when the other party tried to wrongfully take my home.