Geico Insurance Auto Accident Claims

Geico Insurance is, the insurance company that brings you the caveman commercials and the Geico Lizard. It is an acronym for Government Employers Insurance Company. Geico is one of the biggest insurance companies in California.

We occasionally have claims come into our office where clients have been involved in accidents with people who have Geico Insurance. Geico Insurance is one of those insurance companies that, when you try to negotiate to settle a case, they initially take a hard stand and make evaluations that are below what the case is worth no matter what the injury is. What you must do, and what we do as a law firm, is we push them.

Google and other Reviews

Jordy L *****

Simply the best lawyer and got me a very good settlement I'd recommend him to anyone I know thank you !

Ayesha Khan *****

I was in a car accident recently and Farmers was my insurance company. I have to say that I was extremely pleased with how they handled everything.