I represent injured people and the families of people that are killed in car accidents. When someone dies in a car accident, or a slip and fall accident, the family suffers a devastating loss, which they usually never completely get over. They lose the love, affection, support, companionship, and all the other facets of their relationship with that person. It could be a parent, brother, sister, or child, but whoever it is, the loss of that family member is never filled again. I have represented numerous families of clients that were injured or killed in car accidents.  The first thing I do when a family approaches me to represent them for a loss of a family member, is talk to the family about who that person was in their life and what it impacts their loss has caused. I get to know the family very well, so I have an understanding of what the loss of that family member means.  When we’re dealing with what we call wrongful death, deaths that are caused by the unnecessary carelessness of another person, we’re talking about the devastating loss to their family. What we do is try to get a clear idea to show what they are now missing in their lives. We do this by gathering evidence, such as photographs and videotapes of the family together with the deceased person. We also evidence it by showing cards, poems, or writings that are given by the dead person to the family. That way we show the impact the person had on their lives and what a devastating loss it is to the family. I have handled hundreds of cases, if not over thousands of death cases in my career. We are here to represent families and make sure that someone who is reckless and causes a wrongful death, will be held accountable and will be made to be responsible for the devastating loss no matter what we must do, including going all the way to trial to get a judgment if we must, which is very often the case. My office is there to do that. We are competent representing families and in handling these kinds of cases and getting fair compensation.

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Dalia Villalobos

5/5 Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Elia is incredibly knowledgeable in his field of work.  I was kept well informed during the entire process and he would always respond in a timely manner whenever I reached out to him. I’m beyond pleased with the outcome of him helping me with my case. I highly recommend anyone who is in search of outstanding attorney reach out to him.

Steve Scordel

5/5 I felt Elia Castranova was masterful in his negotiations, and legal skills. I am very satisfied with the results he fought hard for. I always received straight-forward, clear communication from start to finish. Sound legal advice, no over-promising. Elia and his staff were also very responsive, returning calls in a prompt manner. Paperwork and communication always arrived when promised, and the results were quick and painless. This is an outstanding legal team. I will always be grateful!!!

Marites Tolentino

5/5 Atty Castranova is very professional and knowledgeable of his cases. He keeps you informed of the status of your case and always strive to get the best and highest settlement. Personally he is very kind and accommodating.

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Anna O'Keeffe *****

What a great guy! Not only intelligent and savvy, but a truly decent human being. I would have been lost in my case without him. He is tenacious and has a real true concern for his client's triumph in the case. If you have any experience with lawyers, you know that is not the norm. He is a gem! Also, he is easy to communicate with, very professional yet easy to talk to. That's a great combo, especially when you are recovering from the trauma of an accident.

Maria Roman *****

The staff and Eli are amazing. I was so happy with all the care they put into my case.  he was out looking out for me.. so happy with how everything turned out xoxo