Freeway interchanges in the Los Angeles area, particularly the 101 and 5 interchange and the 101 and 405 interchanges, are the scenes of multiple accidents, much more than any other freeway interchange in the whole Southern California area. In fact, they factor into the top five in the country. Why are there so many accidents on these freeway interchanges?

Hello, I am Elia Castranova. I represent injured people and try to get them just compensation for their injuries. I have represented numerous clients who have been involved in accidents at the 101-5 and the 101-405 interchange.

Frequently there are multi-car accidents that lead to injuries and even death. Why are there so many accidents at these particular junctures?

South California has more cars on the road than any other area in the country. These freeway interchanges were created 60 to 70 years when there were much fewer cars on the road, and they didn’t plan at both interchanges. There are multiple transition roads from different freeways. The freeways themselves are narrow and have choke points at these interchanges. All these cars are traveling at freeway speeds and are funneled into this lane-narrowing area. These interchanges have many more accidents at night as they are not well-lit and cars are traveling at high speeds while changing lanes. These lanes tend to reduce from five or six lanes down to four, three, and even two lanes.

When representing a person who is injured in these accidents you must find out the cause of the accident. We found in a recent case that on the 101 freeway just west of the 405 freeway, there were 100 accidents that occurred at night in that area because it was too dark, and the lanes were narrowed. When these types of freeway accidents occur, we try to find as much insurance funds as we can to compensate the client. There are frequently horrendous injuries such as disabling injuries, fractures, brain damage, and even death.

That’s what we are here for. Many attorneys will find the easiest way and settle these cases quickly. We put the time and money into investigations and hiring accident specialists. We go all the way in these cases to ensure our clients are justly compensated and get them back on their feet.

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