I am Elia Castranova and I help injured people involved in pedestrian accidents or a trip and fall incident receive fair compensation while using the street or sidewalk or have been hit by a car.

Often the city has not repaired or maintained streets or sidewalks and we will file a lawsuit to ensure you are compensated. I also represent clients who have been hit by a car when crossing the street or sidewalk. In the video I talk about what we do when someone is injured in a trip and fall on the sidewalk.

I like to go out to the scene right away myself and find out what caused them to trip and fall. We are almost always dealing with cities and counties.

We then must file a lawsuit because they don’t settle cases right away. So, we file a claim with the County because they are a public entity. You usually must file a claim within six months. The claim is almost always rejected so we file a lawsuit when that claim is rejected. That doesn’t mean the case is not valid. It just means you’re dealing with the county or city, and they don’t just settle without filing a lawsuit.

We then go into what is called the discovery phase and we find out how long this situation has occurred. Frequently people crossing the street trip and fall on the cracks or uplifted roots. We then ask the city for all their records as far as maintenance of that area to find out when was the last time it was repaired and maintained.

We also represent client who have been hit by cars while crossing the street. I have represented numerous clients who have been hit while crossing the street, even at busy sections such as a midblock. Very often there are no crosswalks or an intersectional light for another quarter mile to give them safe passage. This is frequently true in our minority areas. Often you will see these type hit and run accidents with people crossing the street because there is nowhere reasonable for them to cross.

I have represented many clients who have crossed at midblock. We have been able to obtain substantial compensation for people injured in these accidents. Its logical they were hurt badly because they were hit by a car that weighs two or three tons, so it causes devastating injuries. We very often prove that the person who hit them was distracted, either they were on their cell phones and not paying attention or impaired by alcohol or drugs. We always follow up on these cases to make them stronger.

In pedestrian accidents injuries received are terrible. A pedestrian can suffer fractures and brain injuries. Very often when a pedestrian is involved in a hit and run, we are able to make claims against the city because there should be a crosswalk, improved lighting and maintained trees that are obstructing stop signs.

We will refer you to expert doctors who will treat your injuries and will wait until the case is over before getting paid. We’re always there for the client.

We always return phone calls. We make sure that our clients are treated right. We never leave a stone unturned when trying to get fair compensation for clients involved in a pedestrian accident or injured in a trip and fall.

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Steve Scordel *****

I felt Elia Castranova was masterful in his negotiations, and legal skills. I am very satisfied with the results he fought hard for. I always received straight-forward, clear communication from start to finish. Sound legal advice, no over-promising. Elia and his staff were also very responsive, returning calls in a prompt manner. Paperwork and communication always arrived when promised, and the results were quick and painless. This is an outstanding legal team. I will always be grateful!!!

Marites Tolentino *****

Atty Castranova is very professional and knowledgeable of his cases. He keeps you informed of the status of your case and always strive to get the best and highest settlement. Personally he is very kind and accommodating.