Getting Compensation for People Involved in Pedestrian Accidents or Trip And Fall Injuries

In a bustling metropolis like Los Angeles, pedestrian accidents are unfortunately common, often leading to severe injuries and significant disruptions in the lives of those affected. Elia Castranova, a seasoned representative for individuals injured in accidents, sheds light on the challenges faced by pedestrians and the strategies employed to secure fair compensation. In this blog post, we explore Castranova's insights into the world of pedestrian accidents and the pursuit of justice for the injured.

The State of Sidewalks in Los Angeles:

Castranova begins by addressing a prevalent issue in Los Angeles—deteriorating sidewalks. The city has been allocated a budget to repair these walkways, but with hundreds of miles in need of attention, the process is slow. Cracks and uneven surfaces caused by tree roots pose significant dangers to pedestrians. Castranova emphasizes the urgency of addressing these sidewalk conditions and highlights the role his team plays in investigating accidents promptly.

Immediate Action and Legal Processes:

When someone is injured due to a trip and fall on a sidewalk, Castranova and his team don't waste time. They visit the accident scene promptly to identify the cause of the incident. Dealing with cities and counties often requires filing a lawsuit since settlements are not readily reached. Castranova explains the necessity of filing a claim within six months and the subsequent lawsuit if the claim is rejected. The discovery phase follows, involving a meticulous examination of how long the hazardous condition existed.

Utilizing Technology in Investigations:

Castranova's approach involves leveraging technology to strengthen cases. Using tools like Google Earth, his team investigates the sidewalk or street defects. This thorough analysis helps build a compelling case against the responsible parties, often cities or counties. The goal is to establish negligence and ensure that maintenance records are scrutinized to determine if recommendations for repairs were ignored.

Representing Pedestrians Injured While Crossing Streets:

Beyond sidewalk issues, Castranova also discusses accidents involving pedestrians crossing streets. Contrary to common misconceptions, pedestrians are entitled to compensation even when not in a marked or unmarked crosswalk. This is especially relevant in areas with a scarcity of crosswalks, prevalent in minority neighborhoods. Castranova shares instances of obtaining substantial compensation for clients injured in mid-block crossings, emphasizing the importance of proving that the responsible party could have avoided the accident.

Hit and Run Incidents and Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

Addressing hit-and-run incidents, Castranova reveals a proactive approach. In certain cases, claims against the city may be pursued for inadequate infrastructure contributing to the accident. Additionally, he explores avenues for compensation through uninsured motorist coverage within the household of the injured party. This comprehensive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of fair and just compensation for the victims of pedestrian accidents.

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Lionell Coleman *****

Mr. Castranova was nothing less than a blessing. Going to court in pain is stressful beyond belief, but not only did he ensure I was comfortable, he did everything in his power to fight for my case! Best attorney around! Hands down!

Δημήτρης Γεωργιάδης *****

I was in an accident and filed a claim with GEICO. I found the entire process to be very easy and streamlined. Elia J. Castranova was my adjuster and she was amazing.